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"Norm is, for me, a retirement 'lifesaver'!!!  Near retirement, in debt and over spending, I turned to Norm for help.  His comprehensive analysis and practical/clear explanation of my financial matters has created a plan that I can follow to a successful retirement.  Norm is great to work with, thorough in his attention to details that often uncover important issues/opportunities others would miss.  He provides excellent value for your money!!!"

Ann Kyle, client 


After graduating from the University of Waterloo with a B. Math. degree I continued my education to become an actuary.  I spent 28 years in various actuarial roles at the Maritime Life Assurance Company in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

I spent most of my career in both the life and investment product areas, focusing on financial reporting, taxation and policyholder reporting.  My last number of years were as Vice President, Corporate Finance, responsible for business planning, budgeting and financial reporting. 

I subsequently spent nearly three years with Clarke Transport, as Vice President Finance before starting my own small firm, Collins Financial Consulting, in order to assist clients with their retirement planning and tax filing.


"I find it challenging to articulate how tremendous the value proposition Norm Collins offers to retirement planning.  In today's financial arena that is overly focused on making money 'off' clients, Norm's approach to retirement forecasting is a 'breath of fresh air'.  He is motivated by 'getting it right' for the client, not on products or fees.  Norm's plan provides an understandable, truly personal, retirement assessment for any level of wealth for individuals and families.  Without a doubt Norm's approach is meant to be practiced.  You would do yourself and your clients the ultimate service by utilizing Norm Collins' expertise".

Matthew Bishop, President of Bishop Wealth Management (offering Retirement Planning, Investment Selection and Life Insurance)


Prior to leaving my full time position our family needed to understand our financial outlook.  In order to do so I developed a tool to assess our financial situation.  With this facility I can benefit others by providing forecasts of their financial future in order to assist them with their retirement planning.

Although the focus of my work is on assessing the viability and timing of retirement, I have found the assessments can be of value to others in need of understanding their expenses and financial future.


The Globe and Mail's

Financial Facelift


Collins Financial Consulting was a regular contributor to the Globe and Mail's regular Saturday column the Financial Facelift.


Analysis has been provided to individuals / couples, published in 





There are many financial advisors to choose from.  However most are employed by financial institutions, and, while their services appear to be 'free' I suggest one should question their objectivity given their employer and the fact their compensation is generally provided by commissions on the investment products they sell.

On the other hand I am not associated with any company or investment fund.  As a result I will provide you a completely unbiased assessement of your financial future.  No sales pitch - simply an independent analysis of your finances.